Luna Smart Mattress Cover Review

Even the finest mattresses have some shortcomings when it comes to adapting to the needs of each customer. As such, it seems that a smart mattress cover was in demand. The Luna smart mattress cover is the first of its kind by transforming your bed in a smart bed that gives you the ability to manage the temperature of the bed, it tracks your sleep and it can be integrated with the rest of the smart devices from your home. It offers convenience, comfort and security from you to have a better night’s sleep and it’s an investment you surely won’t regret after you see for yourself how big of a difference quality sleep makes in your everyday life.

What does the Luna smart mattress cover bring new to the game?

The Luna smart mattress cover has personalized temperatures. This is made possible by its dual technology that offers you and your partner the possibility that each side of the bed to have different temperatures.
All people start the day in a bad mood if they are woken up in the moment of light sleep. With Luna’s built-in smart alarm this isn’t a problem anymore because it has a sensing technology that identifies the right moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up for you to be at your highest energy level.

If you recently purchased one of the finest mattresses, you are probably accustomed to a better sleeping experience, one which you would like to enjoy every night. Nevertheless, no mattress can be programmed to warm itself, so that you can get cozy in bed the moment you come home, but this can all be fixed with the Luna cover.  If you are away from home and you want the bed to be warm for the moment you arrive, this is possible because the mattress cover has smartphone remote control. Therefore, it can be controlled from the smartphone or tablet for your comfort.

Another important asset of the Luna smart mattress cover is that it collects data about your body when you are in bed like heart rate, breathing rate and movements, data from your bedroom like temperature, humidity, ambient light levels and noise levels and it tracks the bed temperature as well.

The technical specs

The Luna smart mattress cover comes in 3 sizes fit for any type of bed.; the full version is 54 inches x 75 inches, the queen version is 60 inches x 80 inches, the king size version is 76 inches x 80 inches and California king that is 72 inches x 84 inches. It weights approximatively 7 pounds and the material used in it is 100% polyester. The smart mattress cover has 5 sensors as well; some of them are concealed in the pockets that are located inside the fabrics layers of the cover, while other sensors are inside the closure of the power adapter. It has sleep phase sensors, biometric sensors, ambient light sensor, microphone and ambient temperature and humidity sensor. The Luna smart mattress cover is washable and can be tumble-dried as well.

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