Do Flat Irons Damage the Hair

If you are trying to achieve smooth and straight hair at home, or you want to arrange your hair in beautiful curls, then you most likely use a flat iron. This beauty tool uses a high level of heat to make the hair soft and flexible so that you can easily play with it, but it can also cause damage to the hair due to the exposure to high temperatures. Discover in the article bellow how much can a flat iron damage your hair and how can you minimize the damage.

A good flat iron doesn’t damage the hair too much

The main concern regarding flat iron use is the exposure to very high temperatures that can burn the hair. While this is partially true, you must know that if you use a good flat iron, the effects of heat on your hair will be minimal. The main factor which differentiates the best flat irons from the rest of the flat irons is the quality of the plates. The latest materials the plates are made of are carefully chosen so that they evenly distribute the heat in order to minimize the contact with the hair. While older models were made of poorer materials that required several passes over the hair, nowadays the flat iron plates are made of materials that ensure the best results after the first passing over the hair. These materials are usually ceramic or titanium infused with innovative technologies like ions, pearls, tourmaline or infrared.

Quality plates maintain the hair’s moisture

As a consequence of constant use of the flat iron, the hair will start to dehydrate and to obtain a dried aspect, but this problem has also been solved by using quality materials that protect the hair. Besides being extremely efficient in styling the hair, the innovative materials used in making the flat iron plates also lock the moisture inside the hair in order to prevent severe damage. By not being dried, the hair will remain smoother, softer and shinier and it will maintain a healthy aspect for a very long time even if you use the flat iron on a daily basis.

The temperature control limits the damage

A great feature that minimizes the damage on the hair is the temperature control that allows you to adjust the level of heat you apply to your hair. Depending on how curly or thick your hair is, you can choose from higher or lower levels of heat to avoid using an improper temperature on your hair. There are models with low to high settings and the best flat irons even display the temperature on an LCD screen so that you will now exactly how many degrees of heat you apply on your hair.

Styling products protect the hair

If you use the flat iron regularly, limit the damage on your hair by using a serum or a spray that nourishes the air, adds it moisture and prevents dried hair and split ends. There are plenty of products to choose from and most of them are leave-in versions that are very easy and comfortable to use.

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