Fallout New Vegas

Although succeeding the episode Fallout 3, the scenario in New Vegas is a completely different thread, and the characters are also different. Basically, the only thing that binds them is the post-nuclear world, the colorful language and insane game play that puts you in immediate withdrawal how close the computer.
Action takes place in the city of New Vegas (Las Vegas post-nuclear), controlled by Mr. House, a mysterious individual with a passion for robots and in the Mojave Desert, dotted with many small towns where communities of people or trying to survive and mutants develop.

Two great powers trying to control the money, weapons and resources: NCR (New California Republic) – a military force relatively democratic and Caesar’s Legion – a group trying to imitate the Roman Empire through clothing, especially through the structures of internal organization. But her actions are so radical and almost all communities consider them a threat.

Apparently abandoned bunkers in reality hide the ultra-tech military and researchers Brotherhood of Steel which is a third power in Fallout: New Vegas. Bos monitors everything that happens on the surface waiting for a good time to allow the takeover targets of interest. Although the most advanced weapons and armor, soldiers have to patrol at night and spy without being detected, because their number is much lower than the dominant powers Caesar’s Legion and NCR.

Your character is a courier shot in the head and left in a cemetery on the outskirts of town Goodsprings, a rather small village. The game itself begins with the awakening of the unconscious and talk to Doc Mitchell, that tells you that a robot named Victor brought you in for treatment to his house.

Like Fallout 3, following an interview and an aptitude test, you define the personality and physical abilities. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can choose the desired skills freely, without being limited by the test answers. Elucidate the mystery of the storyline is related to the unfortunate event: who wanted to kill you and why. But the scenario is far from a linear one. Numerous quests make you forget you actually watch and get involved in missions get much wider than just revenge.

During the game, we shape karma depending on your actions. For example, if a character help kill a villain it is considered positive and improves your karma and you are more likely to attract allies in this category, and if you steal or kill innocent characters you get to be chased by the officials.

On the same principle you can join one of the forces mentioned above. Obviously, with a spring flower it doesn’t mean it’s spring so with a single mission is not enough to win the trust of powers like NCR. And confidence can be easily lost if you support rival factions. All these great communities are spies if you worked for their opponents they will know.

Not to complicate myself I preferred to go on my own and pursue my personal interests: money, weapons and small allies, but very useful (unlike doctors with special skills – capable of advanced implants). Sure, it is difficult until you builds strong character, hard to kill. Therefore at first we should look humble and carry out orders without comment commanders. But afterwards, you can help turn against them and who you want. The feeling that even an army of angry Legionnaires can stop is simply uplifting. You feel a kind of God of the desert, the only creatures that you can raise the “Deathclaws” some giant reptile very fast, strong and you can kill two, three strikes.

Regardless of the barricades which you are, remember that all the decisions you make throughout the game will not only influence the final showdown between the great powers, but also smaller communities.

Let’s say a few words about the difficulty of the game. As a mega-fan of the series (Fallout from the first appearance in 1997 and until today, except the failure called Fallout: Tactics), I noticed a growing decrease in the level of difficulty. And I do not mean that you can choose to play on different levels, but the ease with which you finish quests. I would have liked to se the dialogue become increasingly more complex, from episode to episode, closer to reality, not spin me around four, five possible answers, one of which opens the quest and the rest of the information is often only interesting by the fact that they are fun or give information about people and places in New Vegas.

The ease with which you go to eliminate enemies and complete quests depends very much on how you choose your character and builds Perk’s (special skills).

I for one, I chose a character that is the main skills “Small Guns”, “Repair” and “Barter”, but as I gained experience in other chapters have pointed out that we considered important: Lockpick, Medicine and Energy Weapons. Physical, moral and meta-emotional, character we built a nimble, smart and lucky.

I finally left about the graphics, because there is not much to say. There are obvious improvements compared to Fallout 3, but love the game and visually, especially due to slow-motion effects during the battles and endless violence. Unfortunately, bugs are present on duty and it happens often enough to bug you: soldiers and creatures trapped in the stones or put half underground, AI retardation (once you are caught stealing from his pocket and threatened the victim sees on the road, etc.)..

However, Fallout New Vegas remains a very solid game that immediately after you finish it you feel the need to resume some missions (especially those who decide the end of the game) or to seek an expansion pack on the net. For now, Bethesda has announced a new episode only available on Xbox – Dead Money is called. We hope soon to be announced on other platforms (Windows and PS3) as well.

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