Futuristic Dishwashers with Ingenious Features

With all the technology evolving at high speeds, doing the dishes 20 years from now will be a different chore, nothing similar with the way we do the dishes today. However, you don’t have to wait 20 years to see how the dishwashers of the future will look and how they will improve the dish washing, as there are already futuristic dishwashers on the market that offer ingenious features. For a long time, big brands were the only choice for people shopping for a dishwasher. However nowadays, you can find innovative dishwashers produced by numerous companies. Here is a selection of the most innovative dishwashers that completely change the way you wash your dishes.

The mural dishwasher

This model resembles a bookshelf placed horizontally on the wall and although the design is not very elaborated, the idea itself makes it a stunning appliance that completely changes the aspect of any kitchen. Besides the interesting design, this dishwasher stands out due to its ease of use that only requires you to place the dishes on the first rack and then the dishwasher will start to wash the dishes as it moves them forward. Eventually, the dishes will sit on the last rack and you can leave them there and use the dishwasher as a cabinet.

The shape-changing dishwasher

If the mural dishwasher doesn’t satisfy your desire for a futuristic dishwasher, maybe the one that changes the shape of your plates will. This smartly-designed unit from Electrolux includes regular dish washing features but comes with its own plates made of a special polypropylene material that can change shape if you want it to. Once you push the dishwasher’s button, an electrostatic flocking combines with the electrostatic points in the plates and makes them change their shape.

The cabinet dishwasher

Electrolux brings another innovation in the appliances field with the Bifoliate Double Dishwasher that can wash and store the dishes for smart and convenient space storage. Besides being sleek and stylish, this dishwasher is also practical as it is divided to two compartments, one for washing and one for storing the dishes and the innovation comes with the washing technology based on ultraviolet rays that remove the dirt from your dishes.

The Eco-Friendly dishwasher

Since being Eco-Friendly is the future’s trend, this dishwasher will immediately become popular due to its rudimentary, yet futuristic working mode. The Eco-Friendly dishwasher is a circular device with a handle on top to make it easy to take it with you on road trips and barbecues. All you have to do is place the dishes inside, fill it with water, and manually turn the handle to begin washing the dishes. The simple operating makes it the best device that contributes to the environmental care.

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