Online Games for All Tastes

March 30, 2016 0

The online games available on come in a great variety, so anyone can enjoy playing them; their beautiful, lively and colorful graphics and design, and their challenging and exciting levels allow you to test your skills, intelligence and imagination, whether you’re interested in sports games, shooter games or strategy games. Read More


February 4, 2016 0

These days, there are tons of computer games that children of all ages can play and if you want to pick your kids a great computer and console game to play, you should definitely select SimCity; basically, the rules of this computer game are quite simple and they refer to founding and building up a city and making sure that all citizens are happy inside your city. Read More

League of Legends

December 10, 2015 0

League of Legends was created by the same man who created the the map Defense of the Ancients. As such, it is no surprise that LoL has the same ravishing success as DotA. Read More

Fallout New Vegas

November 3, 2015 0

Fallout New Vegas maintains the basic characteristics of Fallout 3, but it brings to the table a completely new story line with different characters as well. The fans of the previous version of the game will surely spend many pleasant hours playing the new version of the game. Read More