How to Choose Between Different Types of Snowblowers

Admit it. Shoveling snow was fun when you were a child. As an adult, it is a chore that leaves you sore and exhausted – that is, until you buy a snow blower. With such a large variety of models available on the market, we can help you choose the snow blower that best fits your needs. So here’s what you have to know before shopping for a snow blower.


The size of your garden or lawn will dictate the size of the blower. Single-stage machines are recommended to clean driveways and sidewalks because they are lightweight and simple to use, they can make their way nearly 2 feet wide and displace more than a half a foot of snow. Two-stage snow blowers are designed to handle the toughest jobs. These machines loosen snow before throwing it. They work better on graveled or sloped areas. The machine is heavy, so maintaining it can be difficult. However, two-stage snow blowers are generally more durable than single-stage units so this may be an advantage after all.

Choosing between a gas-powered and an electric snow blower

The main differences between a gasoline model and an electric model, are the price and power:
Electric models are more popular, they are more suitable for your needs if:

  • You live in the city.
  • Your home is provided with an inlet or sidewalk that is not very wide.
  • The weight of the machine you have is more important than power.
  • You do not see a problem using a machine that is “attached” to a power cord.
  • You want to spend up to $250

A gasoline model might suit you better if you:

  • Must shovel a large area.
  • Live in an area where it snows heavily or regularly
  • Would rather have a more powerful machine.

Determine projection distance

When choosing a snow blower, look for a machine with an adjustable exhaust system. This allows you to throw snow in the desired distance. It’s important to be in complete control of how your snowblower projects the snow because otherwise, you might end up having to use the snowblower several times or use a shovel to get rid of snow that might have just landed on the clear path.

Snowblower costs

Decide on a price range. This allows you to easily identify snowblowers that are affordable. This will give you an idea of the costs involved. Remember that costs significantly change.
A single stage machine can be purchased from $ 350 to $ 800.  The best snowblowers with dual stage operation systems can cost more than $ 1,000. The costs would change depending on the projection distance of each machine and its power and capacity.

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