Ingenious Gardening Gadgets and Devices

Gardening is a relaxing and rewarding occupation. These days, it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice, or an old timer in the art of gardening, there are many gardening gadgets and devices that help by making the job more fun and easier. Therefore, next we are going to talk about some of the most ingenious gardening gadgets and devices that make gardening even more stress relieving and fun.

Green IQ

Modern people like to control everything over their smartphones. Therefore, the Green IQ is seen as a massive success, because you get to control the irrigation and lighting in your garden using the smartphone, no matter where you are. The Green IQ is a smart garden hub which collects weather information and it calculates for you the best water programs to use for your garden, this way saving you a lot of money on the water bill. It only costs about $250, and it’s a definite must have for any gardener that loves technology and enjoys its benefits.

Led grow lights

Led grow lights are ideal for indoor gardens, because they are able to give your indoor plants the exact wavelength of light they need for each stage of growth. They especially come in handy during winter, when most people grow herbs and plants inside their homes, and there isn’t much light coming from outside for the plants to grow. Led grow lights are power efficient, producing the necessary amount of light without drawing power in excess, this way saving you money compared to the traditional forms of indoor grow lights. Whether you want your plants to grow bigger or produce more flowers, you will surely find a led grow lamp that will help you achieve the desired result.

Ego cordless hedge trimmer

The Ego cordless hedge trimmer runs on a 56 volt battery that performs as well as petrol, but saves you from the inconvenience of getting all dirty. It easily reaches around hedges, it has a large cutting capacity, a diamond ground steel blade, and it performs at 3000 strokes per minute as well. Costing only $200, it’s definitely a device to have around.


Gardeners that grow flowers or plants, both indoors and outdoors, are clearly going to want this sonic garden pollinator. The VegiBee is a gadget that allows you to pollinate, instead of depending on the good old bees to come and do the job. You wouldn’t like them in your house if you grew the plants and flowers indoor anyway, therefore this gadget is ideal. Another great aspect of this device is the fact that you can mix pollen from different types of plants and create your own hybrid plants indoor.

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