Interesting Coffee Makers with Geeky Designs

Most homeowners around the world have a convenient and versatile coffee machine in their kitchen, so that they will start their day with a smile on their faces. For those of you who are passionate about technology and gadgets in general, we’ve put together 4 of the most amazing coffee makers that have a geeky and unique design. According to the latest customer coffee maker reports, these machines don’t just have interesting designs, but they are also very efficient. So let’s get started!

Nespresso Essenza D90

The Nesspresso Essenza D90 is our first choice, mainly because it has an unique design with smooth lines and a lot of curves. It will look in most kitchens and it will be the first thing that your guests will notice when visiting your home. Speaking of guests, you will want to make some delicious cups of espresso for when they come at your place. This clever Nespresso D90 uses capsules to ensure that your espresso will taste rich and delicious every time you use it.

IMO Coffee Maker

This next coffee maker looks sharp and compact and it has the most interesting design from this list. It actually looks like a robotic arm and not like a traditional coffee maker. So, if you are passionate about technology in general, you will definitely want to grab a hold of this innovative coffee maker. Or, you can always choose to offer it as a gift to your BFF who’s also a coffee lover and a tech enthusiast.

Brunopasso PD-1 Espresso Machine

We like this espresso machine because it has an unique design; it basically looks like a sports car with a shiny paint job. So, it’s the perfect gift for a man who loves cars. This coffee maker will cost you almost $850 but what’s worth mentioning here is the fact that it doesn’t only an intricate and unique design, it’s also very efficient at making tasty coffee that is very rich in flavor.

Graphite Santos Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker

Are you looking for a coffee maker that doesn’t use filters but is still capable of delivering great results? The Graphite Santos Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker could be exactly what you are looking for. This coffee maker is able to keep a consistent level of temperature in the device, so that you will be able to make delicious coffee every time you use this device. You can choose to get this coffee machine in a cool translucent blue or keep it simple and opt for a clear coffee maker.

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