League of Legends

Surely many of you have played Warcraft 3 and the map Defense of the Ancients (DotA). DotA game has “ravaged” through LAN and online games (in a good word and clear the way figuratively) and remains the cornerstone for such games.

This game is called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in which we find different player teams (3 vs. 3, 5 vs. 5) battling each other to defeat the enemy and ultimately to destroy the other teams base. Let’s start at the beginning, League of Legends (LoL for short) was created by the man who created the map in Warcraft 3 DotA, the game concept sounds good already right? It was created with the team at Riot Games and is today one of the most popular online games free to play (yes, it’s free) increased greatly in the past year. The game was released in October 2009, in October 2010 participated in the “WCG”, and this year in June it participated in the ‘Dreamhack’. To play LoL, access their website, and you can register for free. You can create your account on the American server or on one of the two European ones, the decision is yours. I suppose that you have already downloaded and installed the game, so it is time to log in with the newly created account. Once you have logged in, you have to create a summoner name you name ID and already you can start the game.

You’ll see a big, red PLAY button. You can follow the tutorial or start to play live, the decision is yours again. Note the right buttons “Summoner-ui ‘, profile, default settings of the game and shop which is in connection with the online store. Go to profile and you’ll find more buttons about the history of matches, champions (heroes) that you can use in games, Links of runes, masteries page, i.e. Summoner’s talents and spells page. You surely wonder what are those runes pages, and masteries, but first you need to know about “Champions”. Weekly, the game offers a new set of Heroes that you can use in the game for free. You can play with other heroes to but you have to buy them from the shop. How do I buy them you ask? Simple, after every game, you get a number of “Influence Points” (IP), part of a currency exchange system used in the online shop. Heroes in the stores have different IP prices ; you just need to have enough IP to buy them. In addition, players can change their League of Legends skin by purchasing one from a specialized website.

Also at the store you can find runes and skins for heroes. You will see that for champions, skins, rune pages, bundles of experience boosts or Influence points boosts there is also or a different currency needed to purchase them this numbers will be shown in red since you won’t have any when you first get the game these are the Riot Points, this currency costs real money. You can buy those RP with a credit card, pay pal, by sending and sms from your mobile phone or whit a pre paid; you should know that the only think you have to buy with money is the skins of champions which do not offer any advantage in the game play they are purely visual enhancements and a way for you to reword the game developer for their work the decision is yours.

Your summoner will gain experience after every game regardless if you win or lose and your level will increases up to level 30. Meanwhile, with every level you gain you will open a new spot in your rune page, where you can insert the runes you want as you acquire them in store. These runes will help your hero in the game. You can have runes, which offer more life to your hero, more normal attack or magic power, the ability to move faster, or have more armor. There are four types of runes: marks, seals, quintessences and glyphs. The rune page has 9 slots each, except quintessences which have only 3. All you have to do to have a full rune page, is to store IP to buy them since you can’t buy IP with money. If you want to use your IP wisely you shouldn’t spend your IP on low ranks of runes you should get only the rank 3 of the runes since they offer the most noticeable benefits, so just buy champions instead till around level 15 – 20 then start hoarding them IP points or the highest level of runes. Runes are split in 3 ranks so you have more opportunities to configure runes and bonuses heroes.

About masteries, I can say that these are the talents that a summoner has. Each level gives a mastery point, in total with 30. You can choose between three talent trees: offense, defense and utility. Depending on the chosen hero, you can configure these talents you without any reconfiguration cost.

About heroes I can tell you that they fall into several categories: tanks, those who go in first in battles, Mages, who burn others in battles, support those who help teammates in battle, giving them auras or heals, and assassins those who are the most evil on the battlefield, using normal attacks combined with magic attacks. Anyone can change their League of Legends skin, regardless of what hero they use. The skins can either be won in various events or they can be bought from dedicated websites.
Overall League of Legends offers you a great role playing experience from the thrilling environment of a MOBA game.

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