Practical Applications of Infrared Light in Different Industries

Infrared light has been used for a long time in various domains and some of them you had no idea about. If you were curious to know how infrared light can be used in order to provide comfort and functionality for you, here are some practical applications of infrared light in different industries that influence your life every day.

Infrared heaters

The heat emitted by the infrared heaters is the most durable and efficient type of heat that isn’t lost every time you open the door, which makes the infrared heaters so popular and practical. These heaters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each based on the infrared light technology that emits a pleasant heat similar to the one you feel when you sit in the sun. The infrared heat is absorbed by your body and the objects in the room, which makes you feel warm and comfortable. The infrared heaters are also energy-efficient, meaning you will enjoy excellent house warming performance without increasing your energy bills.

Infrared saunas

Nowadays, the top rated home saunas use infrared technology as well. Traditional saunas are based on steam and high temperatures that make you sweat. If you read some steam room reviews, you will see that this type of saunas can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable due to the high moisture. This is why the infrared light has been included in manufacturing of the top rated home sauna rooms in order to create a more comfortable sauna experience. The radiant heat emitted by the infrared saunas is more beneficial to your health as it manages to penetrate the skin and create an overall wellness state. If you don’t believe us, read some steam room reviews and research the benefits of steam room as opposed to the benefits of infrared saunas.

Infrared vision in security cameras

Security cameras are able to record in the dark thanks to the infrared light technology used in their manufacturing. An IR led is used to increase the night visibility by projecting a beam of infrared light towards a target while the sensor records the image. Since you can’t see in the infrared light spectrum with the naked eye, the camera translates the image resulted into a visible one.

Infrared medical scanners

Infrared light is being successfully used in developing medical devices that detect a variety of severe conditions by performing an IR scanning of the body. During the laparoscopy surgery, blood vessels are monitored with an infrared scanner to prevent surgeons from accidentally cutting them. Infrared light can also help doctors detect cancer cells and infections inside the human body, as well as it can be useful in treating these conditions. A device called an infra-scanner hematoma detector is used by doctors to diagnose brain trauma through near infrared technology.

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