These days, there are tons of computer games that children of all ages can play. Well, you probably know that playing certain games like chess, for example, can help your kids get skilled in strategy and logics, not to mention this game can be quite addictive. However, there are many other video games that can be fun and help your little ones sharpen their little minds and if you look to find out a computer and console game that your kids will fall in love with, stick close and read on the following lines. So, the suggestion we have for you is SimCity, which is a computer and video game from Maxi.

The first thing you need to know about this game is that it was first released in 1989 and it soon turned to be one of the most popular computer games ever. So, if you want to give your children a game to play which can keep them tied to their computer, you should definitely have this game for them. We all know that children have a lot of energy and want to show off their creativity and imagination and, when cold winter days come, they need to stay more indoors and do an activity which can captivate them. This game is specially designed to keep children’s minds busy, when passing time indoors.

SimCity requires children to use their creativity and imagination, as the task they are given is to found and develop a city. Currently, there are a few versions released, additionally to the original computer game; so you have the chance to choose among computer versions like SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, SimCity Society, SimCity 2013; console version like SimCity 64, SimCity SNES and SimCity Creator; online versions like SimCity DS, SimCity DS2 and versions for iPhone and Blackberry Playbook.

Basically, the rules are quite simple and if you pay attention to them from the very beginning, you can easily get skilled in playing this game. The players have to build up their own city, whose plan they can design the way they considers best. The great thing about this game is that it permits players to use their analytical thinking, in order to choose the best places to set up schools, hospitals, fire stations, police stations and industrial zones. Basically, industrial zones should be placed towards the edge of the map, so that pollution can not affect the city. SimCity is a single-player game, yet there are a couple of versions that support multiplayer.

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