Things to Remember when Choosing University Accommodation

If you have reached that moment when you need to decide where you will live during college, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Above all, just be sure that you will choose the best possible student accommodation and that you consider all the factors involved in this decision. The following accommodation tips will make this change easier for you and will help you feel more comfortable away from home.

What are the pros and cons of leaving your parent’s house?

Some students are faced with the decision of staying at their parent’s house or moving in student halls. For those who have lived outside their home, this experience will certainly feel liberating, as they will have much more independence than they did back at their parent’s house. You will be able to decide when to eat, when to sleep and when to go out. The downside is that you will have to take care of yourself, do your own cleaning, wash your own dishes and be a responsible adult.

Choose your housemates carefully

Since this is the first time you will be sharing a house with someone other than your family, if you don’t already have a bunch of friends who will attend the same university you do, you should always be vary careful when choosing your housemates. You generally want someone who has the same personality and preferences as you do, because this way you will be on the same page almost every time. Avoid living with someone you fancy, thinking that this is the perfect way to get them to notice you, as you will only end up complicating the situation unnecessarily and ruining your chances even more.

Choose your decorations wisely

Your room will not only be just your bedroom, it will also be the place where you study and where you hang out with your friends (old or new), which is why you should consider the message that your décor might send out. For this reason you should avoid posters with nude women, posters with cats or anything else that might make people uncomfortable. This does not mean that you cannot add personality to your room, it just means that this is not the time to display your most private preferences in terms of décor.

Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to just live at home?

Students who choose to study at the university in their town have the possibility to stay at home with their parents and while the main advantage offered by this is the superior standards of comfort, given that you will have food and someone to clean up after you the entire time, you will also miss out on many student parties that will be harder to attend when your mother waits for you regardless of the hour of the night when you wish to return.

Student halls are great because they enable students to find their independence and help them become responsible adults who can take care of themselves and not have to depend on their parents for everything, which is what every parent eventually wishes for their children.


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